Treasure found!

Last spring I was fortunate enough to win this botanical print from Thornton's Temple of Flora at an antique print auction. While removing the dust jacket on back I discovered the previous owner had been Janet Murrow, wife of Edward R. Murrow. The amazing thing is that the print originated in London and the Murrows had both been in London during WWII. While there Janet received the Kings Medal for Freedom for her service to that nation.


Boxwood love!

When I first started designing I had this habit of using every unique and new plant that had just been introduced to the market, this led to a few disappointing outcomes. Now my designs use certain plants that always do well growing in many different locations and soil types. A very important thing to remember that our midwest winters last 4-5 months. Deciduous plants are quite dismal so evergreens are very important. The use of holly, yews, and of course my favorite, boxwood. 

Temple of Flora

Almost everyone has heard the term Temple of Flora, but do you know where the name came from? It was a British botanical publication printed in London in 1799 by Dr. Robert Thornton. They were possibly the finest publication of botanical prints ever produced. Picturing large beautiful plants usually with a folly or a Greek ruins in the background. So I named my blog after my passion of collecting Temple of Flora antique prints. On occasion I will go over some of the prints I collect, from Thornton to Volckamer to Redoute. But mainly my blog will be about exterior design projects.

                            The Pontic Rhododendron         

                            The Pontic Rhododendron